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A foreword, by the old man who lives down the street:

lift up your ears, for the winds have fallen slight on the old sounds,
years old by stretch and without reluctance this time,
children be forewarned! this is without love
instead, strife and fortune combined to create a product of ever wishful slog
yet, here we are to commemorate the collegiate agreement
set upon by wheels of outside motion of bigger hands and even bigger heads.
our heads have always been so small,
but our brains have been real fuckin' big!
the brains have s q u e e z e d longingly on the sides of the skull
and the juice that has dripped out of the ears behind the eyes and the throat:
has been so neon and full of joy and delight
bask in the light of the dark night

I. Father Name: revival of the disco dinosaurs // solid state, silly and rambunctious. their swipes tickle instead of shred

II. Ambition: tasteful dancers under the long forgotten disco moonball slide into the slow sex and create smooth sensations all over the collective human body

III. Pt. III: foreign cities inspire insular closed off mind-retreats into ones own viable idea unfoldings

IV. Crystal Dharma: shock me awake by the midnight slice of variable rubble and crackling angels shouting from clouds up high // athletics worshipped from beyond the herald

V. Dae Bae: cover the news of the world with the sweat off of your frantically beating eyelids, paranoid convulsions of hot hot delusion sparked by news media and the constant barrage of knowledge

VI. Ritual Retreat: marks on the finger tips unlock brazen selections that transform into solid states of time that will forever remain untouched by perverted recall


released May 25, 2017

All songs written by Petting Zoo.

Petting Zoo is Christian Hegland, Joey Distasio, Zach Ballard, and Tim Zoidis


Recorded/Engineered at Converse Rubber Track Studios, Boston MA by Chris McLaughlin and in many other locations by Joey Distasio and Christian Hegland

Production, Mixing, and Mastering by Joey Distasio

Album Artwork by Matt Merlino

All lyrics by Christian Hegland except on "Ambition" and "Ritual Retreat" which were co-written with Joey Distasio


Christian Hegland: Vocals (1-6), Guitar (1-6), Synthesizer (2-4, 6)

Joey Distasio: Vocals (4), Drums (2-5), Electronic Drum Programming (1, 6), Guitar (1, 4-6), Synthesizer (2, 4, 6), Mellotron (4, 6)

Zach Ballard: Vocals (3, 5), Piano (2-4), Guitar (3), Electric Piano (2), Sky Piano (5), Synth Flute (1), Mellotron (2, 3, 5), Organ (1)

Tim Zoidis: Bass (1-6)


Special Thanks: Converse Rubber Tracks, Eric Newton (for putting up with living with the band for two years and letting us borrow your nylon string for Father Name)

Sampled: sporty by Kyle, David Lynch interviews, Twin Peaks



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Petting Zoo Amherst, Massachusetts

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